It is the list of new generation hormonal contraceptives that is the most demanded and popular. But even with the ease of obtaining the necessary information in the modern world, not everyone knows how to choose the right drugs for protection, what side effects can be, how long the intake can last. Wikipedia testifies that hormonal prescription pills are divided into two large groups:

ed pills contain ethinyl estradiol (those who are interested in ethinylestradiol - what kind of hormone it is, you should know that this substance is a synthetic analogue of estrogen), as well as progestogen (gestodene, norgestrel, norethisterone, desogestrel, etc.). Depending on what kind of hormones the drugs contain, three-phase, two-phase and monophasic contraceptives are allocated.

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There is a very long list of names for birth control pills. Each tablet of such drugs contains the same percentage of estrogenic and gestagenic components. Ethinylestradiol and dienogest - Janine's drug. Janine has a number of contraindications and side effects.

In these preparations, each tablet contains the same dose of estrogen, and the dose of gestagen is different in the first and second periods of the monthly cycle. The names of this type of birth control pill are as follows: Dydrogesterone and estradiol - Femoston. Ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel - Sequilar, Secularum, Adepal, Binordiol, Bifazil, Anteovin. Ethinylestradiol and norethisterone are Binovum. Ethinylestradiol and Chlormadinone Acetate are Neo-Eunomine.

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